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Jun. 21st, 2006 @ 05:04 pm Um....Ya think?
Funny, I could have told you all this without an 18 month study.

Just the same, it'd be nice if the administration could figure it out at all. What was it Al Gore was saying? Something along the lines of: "Isn't it possible that we can pay attention to problems other than terrorism?"
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Mar. 17th, 2006 @ 10:58 pm I see no one has posted here in a while. I feel the need to.
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ohhh I am pissed. I bought some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper a while back. Then returned the cans with no problem. THEN I get some cans that are a little different. Around the rim they have a redish band that says something like "nothing diet about it" and no machine would take these cans back
So they sit in a bag in my car and the bar code says "4 pack" even though it was a 12 pack. Now this 24 pack of Dr Pepper that I bought this evening has that band and it says 4 pack on the barcode! This is not a four pack. What the hell?
Kroger better take these back. I am keeping my receipt! I will raise some hell
That is $2.40 that I will not flush down the toilet(in addition to the cherry vanilla pepper ones)

Hello! This is Michigan. If there is one good thing about Michigan is the whole bottle return thing.
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Sep. 4th, 2005 @ 09:45 am big oil bullshit
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you know what i love???

all those ads in magazines and on tv that big oil is putting out, telling us how they are for alternative energy, and are for cleaning up the environment.

PLEASE!!! if big oil is REALLY for all those things, than explain to me the following...

why the fuck are we still using an obsolete technology (i.e. the internal combustion engine) that's well over 100 years old, on virtually every vehicle and aircraft in the world?


in the time that we've had the internal combustion engine as the sole modern society building tool in 20th century america and around the world, we've found cures for numereous diseases, built and modernized our roadways, created modern media technology (i.e. radio and tv), developed the computer and adapted it for the individual user (i.e. no use for typewriter), camera/lens technology and movies in general modernized with more color and special effects, the wars that we fought as a country modernized (for better or worse), tv dinners were invented, fast food, junk food, birth control of various types. the way we develop and manufacture steel, for example, has definitely changed and improved than it did 100 years ago. how we build things now. we have to retrofit pretty much all of the new infrastructure we build to accomadate conditions of the area it's in, what the weather could bring (tornados, hurricaines, earthquakes, blizzards...etc.) pretty much all of our utilities have to adapt to the modern evoloution of society.

i know there are plenty of other examples i can give.... but you get my point.

at the end of the day, the ONLY technology that NEVER had to adapt was the internal combustion engine. and the reason?? i can't imagine anyone reading this is too stupid to figure it out.... it's big oil!!! big oil and it's stranglehold on the auto industry and not only our nation's economy, but the economies around the world.

so when i see the horseshit that these ads REALLY are, it pisses me off, because theoretically we could've been in flying cars by now... or maybe at least had viable alternatives to big oil that were not outrageously expensive, from which the public would grow to get used to and love over time.

but these ads... they're fucking smoke screens. the bullshit jerry bruckheimer-esque low-angle sweeping shots of plush green river valleys, or frosted mountainous regions... with a flock of eagles flying by, to the high-angle "swing-in-low" shots through the wheat fields of middle america... and in the background you hear some shitty dawsons creek-esque cheeseball sentimental guitar riff probably written by rob thomas (god i fucking hate that guy.) it just fucking pisses me off.

i mean take detroit for example. i grew up in the burbs outside the city, and i know many of you live there still. one issue that has always pissed me off about detroit, amongst other issues, is the lack of satisfactory public transportation for the entire metropolitan area. and gee... i wonder why public transit sucks! could it be that big oil wants everyone in the "motor city" and beyond to drive their own cars and give them as much money as possible?? i mean having decent public transit would realistically result in less money going to oil companies.... that's IF of course everyone wants it, which honestly, a lot of times isn't the case. and it's not just this city it's other citys. i tell you what, living in LA i would GLADLY give up having a car if there was decent public transit, but there isn't. and on top of that we like our cars, we're used to it. it's this freedom you feel when you drive to wherever you want to go, with whatever you want playing on the radio... keeping it as messy or as clean as you want. big oil knows that, and the auto industry markets to that "freedom" quality of having a car.

i mean, what would be the reprecusions of a sudden mass influx of alternative energy being used in automobiles?? well... gas prices would probably go up. many people would lose their jobs. lots of mechanics, and other individuals skilled in certain trades that relate to the auto industry would be out of work because the technology that they know is useless. maybe they could adapt to another trade in the auto industry that has to do with alternative energy... but many probably won't.

we have big business AND unions working against alternative energy more or less... kind of ironic.

for example, when i was living in orange, ca going to film school there was a small family owned TV/ VCR Repair Shop a couple blocks away from school. they specialized in tube technology and vcr's. Now i know those kind of places still exist randomly around the country, but you catch my drift. they are a dying breed... why?? well... for those who work or have worked in retail can tell you ... you buy a tv with warranty you're covered and don't have to go to an outside shop for repairs. secondly is our society's REPLACE instead of REPAIR outlook, who the fuck wants to repair a vcr, when you can buy a new one for 20 bucks and a new dvd player for 50 bucks. the same thing with tv technology, HDTV and plasma technology isn't going down rapidly enough for everyone to afford it yet, but it will soon enough. alternative and evolving technology's are here... and are coming... you can't fight it... and people will unfortunately lose there jobs because of it.

it's like the whole downloading thing. i mean jesus christ... i don't give a shit about all those scare tactics... how many people are sued, how much money is being "lost" or whatever. (i do care about those being sued not because what i think they did was wrong, far from it. they aren't hurting anyone really except the white collar guy who can't go on his vacation to monaco this year. boo fucking hoo.) Morality aside (whether you think it's right or wrong) YOU CAN'T FIGHT TECHNOLOGY!! YOU CAN'T FIGHT ADVANCEMENT!! you can try to keep certain corners at bay for a little bit... but you can't fight it... because PEOPLE WILL FIND A WAY TO GET MUSIC AND MOVIES FOR FREE! people will find a way. period! so if you're the record industry you find a way to use that to your advantage. use it as a marketing tool. (i don't know, i'm not a marketing guy... but certain intelligent people in the industry could find a way, i'm certain of it.)

the same logic can be attributed to big oil. they can't fight the inevitable. they can't fight the fact that their bread and butter is a finite amount of energy. REPLACE or REPAIR?? do we REPLACE the energy system we have, or do we REPAIR the current one?? but repairing and adapting the current system doesn't help the bigger picture. the thing from big oil's point of view, there is NO MONEY in RND (research and development). if they REALLY were investing in the enviornment and alternative energy sources, then when are they going to put into action on a grand scale?? it's not like the idea of an alternative energy source is a new concept. what do you think people used before oil and the internal combustion engine changed everything? water power, wind power... solar power isn't new. nuclear power isn't new... all of these "alternative" energy solutions aren't NEW concepts. there is biodiesel, which again isn't new. http://www.biodiesel.org/ i mean what are they doing sitting with their thumbs up their asses for when we're heading into an oil crisis my friends. hubbert's peak is slowly becoming a reality. http://www.hubbertpeak.com/

the reality is many people get super rich off this black sludge, but they want to paint a different picture to keep the people at bay. with alternative energy such as wind, water, and solar power... aside from the mechanism that creates the energy being used... the energy is FREE!!! you can't tax wind, or water, or the sun. nuclear power provides a lot for little... not free... but LESS MONEY!! biodiesel ideally ... LESS MONEY.

so big oil has this picture of compassion toward the environment, toward alternative energy sources etc. it's all bullshit. they just want to make their money, scatter it into all their offshore bank accounts....eventually die and throw the burden of the alternative energy issue on future generations. greed and power are powerful manipulators.

so yeah... the next time you see one of those ads on tv, in the movie theatre, in a magazine, on the internet...etc.. it's bullshit. don't kid yourself.

you know, even if HALF of what they're saying is true and they're actually doing some stuff.... it doesn't matter becaue i'm STILL paying assloads for gas. call me impatient. people have been saying this shit for over 30 years now. none of this talk about alternative energy means anything until they put it into action on a grand scale... and do it soon, because sooner or later, all of this is going to come crashing down, we'll run out of oil, mass chaos on a global scale will ensue, on top of the fact that our government will have to spend trillions of dollars to completely overhaul our energy system resulting in a massive recession and depression in our country ... i just hope to god we're all prepared for it.
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Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 12:38 pm (no subject)
So there is that priest at St. Peter's (which is SUCH a pretty church and if you ever go to NYC you should stop by there...it is beautiful) in NYC who is having an affair with the secretary.
Now, I do know this is wrong. And they have said he is a strong supporter of celibacy for priests. So he is a hypocrate.

Is it wrong that my first thought was "well, at least the person is a grown woman and not a 12 year old boy."?
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Jul. 14th, 2005 @ 08:25 pm A stronger nation! You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! STUPID!
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So I happened to be just about to get out of my car at five minutes to 7:00 in the evening today, and NPR came on with a sort of "oh, by the way" story. It was about this bill that is floating around congress regarding America's nuclear arsenal. I've actually heard a little bit about this before, but in the past, the discussion has always been about the debate on whether or not to keep all our assorted nuclear weapons at various bases scattered across the country, or to build a new facility that will do nothing but house all America's nukes (the theory being, it would be cheaper and easier to secure one location than many).

I could really understand both sides of the argument. The opposition was saying that the process of moving the weapons across the country would create an easy target for a horrible terrorist attack, which could put nuclear capabilities in the hands of Al Queda.

I try to pay close attention to this stuff, because frankly, nuclear weapons scare the shit out of me. And not necessarily out of concern for my own personal safety (although, admittedly, that is a part of it), but simply for the sheer destructive power of such weapons. Such monumental loss of life and devastation of the earth should never, ever, EVER be used under any circumstance. The U.S. was clearly wrong to bomb Japan in WWII, and it would be an even worse crime for anyone to repeat such an action now, given the enhanced power of modern nuclear weaponry, and the greater breadth of knowledge we bear on the subject. In fact, I personally believe that the initial construction of the atomic bomb is one of, if not the single worst thing humanity as a collective has ever done.

But anyway, the reason I bring this whole thing up, is because this particular story brought to light some new details of this particular proposal by the energy secretary.

The Good News:
This proposal would include the accelerated dismantling of most of our Soviet era nukes, and ultimately lead to a much smaller nuclear arsenal

The Bad News:
The proposal also calls for the construction of new fucking A-Bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What in the nine hells could have possibly gotten it into Sam Boden's nutty skull that it would be a good idea for us to be building new nuclear bombs, especially considering we have spent the last five years telling the world that we were trying to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, and the last 50+ years trying to convince other countries NOT to build their own nuclear weapons! This is a dumb idea of monumental proportions, and somehow, it is being totally buried in the news.

Just think about it. Say you're Iran, or North Korea, and you have the U.S. telling you "no, you can't build nuclear bombs (even though we have them), and in fact you can't even research nuclear power, because it might lead to you building bombs." You'd be pretty pissed off (as they are). Now imagine that the U.S. is telling you "not only can we have bombs and you cant, we're going to be building newer, better bombs. And by the way, you're the axis of evil, so don't piss us off too bad…"

A blind monkey could see the idiocy of this, yet I'm sure the plan will pass, because it was proposed by the Republican President's Republican appointee to the Energy Secretary position, and it's been taken up by a Republican house and a Republican senate, and by the time someone finds a way to get it to the Supreme Court, the right-wingers will be in the majority there, too. I hate to say it, but unless a sudden storm of common sense hits all three branches of government, we are all pretty well screwed.

It really seems that the news lately has been a perfect storm of things to piss me off, too. My next point is about another news story I heard on the way in to work today. In L.A. S.W.A.T. got into a shoot out with this guy, and ended up killing him and his hostage…his own 18 month old baby! Now, obviously there is a whole level of dementia involved in the brain of someone who would use their own infant as a human shield, but that's essentially beside the point. What I see as the real problem here, is that the cops saw that this guy was holding the baby out in front of him in an effort to get them not to fire, and they still opened fire on him! I understand that the police need to control the situation, but how about we don't open fire on children under two, huh?

The worst part about the whole story was listening to them interview the wife/mother of gunman and baby. She said she was sitting next to the police, begging them not to shoot. She was screaming and crying "My baby! My baby!" And the bastard opened fire anyway (19 times, by the way). There just must be a better way to deal with that sort of situation. Carl, that's your area…have you heard anything more about this?

And of course, there is this whole thing with Karl Rove. I wish I had the time to get into the whole thing here, but I don't. Essentially, the key points are this: Joe Wilson was sent to Niger prior to the war to help bolster the claim that Iraq was trying to get nuclear materials (because only we are allowed to have those). When he got back, he reported to a newspaper (after the president had made the famous "yellow cake uranium" speech) that Iraq was in fact, not trying to get said uranium. Shortly thereafter, someone leaked to journalist douche-bag extraordinaire Robert Novak that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was an undercover CIA operative, and he promptly reported this in his column. In doing so, he blew not only the identity of Plame, but also of her front company, which the CIA may have been using for any number of other operations (suddenly signaling to anyone overseas involved with that company to pack up ship and run away). It will probably never be known if and how many undercover CIA agents' lives were endangered by this leak, nor what the potential damage to national security was for disclosing the information. This is why blowing the cover of an undercover CIA operative is a federal crime. When accusations flew that someone in the Whitehouse staff was the source of the leak (which was obviously a payback for Joe Wilson's undermining of the Iraq War's credibility), President Bush said that if someone inside his administration was the source of the leak, he wanted to know; and that if that was the case, the person responsible would be fired (and should be imprisoned, but we can't even dream of that).

Well, it has recently come to light that the source of the leak was indeed…Karl Rove! Yes, the man who planted a bug in his own office and accused Democrats of spying on him; the same man who launched a viscous smear campaign against triple-amputee and war hero Max Cleland, the man whole stole his opponent's letterhead and used it to create a bunch of flyers indicating there was a kegger planned at their office, thereby getting hundreds of kids looking to party to show up there, and in fact, the very same person who started a rumor that ex-P.O.W John McCain was the father of an illegitimate black baby in the heart of the racist south just to crush his 2000 presidential bid before it could get off the ground. This man has now officially stooped so low as to compromise national security in the name of political revenge.

For the unabridged version read this.

And now that we're all up to speed with the dime-store tour of this story, here's what really gets me about this (well, everything about this story bugs me, but here's one of the big ones). For a few days, no one in the Republican Party really knew how to spin this deal. They just sort of shut their mouths and waited for the memo. And when the finally got the official spin, it was that, of all people KARL FUCKING ROVE is the victim in all this! If it wasn't so fucking disturbing, it would have been really funny, actually, because the day whatever spin-czar came up with and released the official Republican talking points, Randy Rhodes read them off on the air, and since then, every Republican/Conservative/Right-Winger that I've heard asked about the situation has recited the talking points almost verbatim.

If these people get away with this; if they can pull the wool over America's eyes on something this big; there will simply be no stopping them. George Bush could appoint Jerry Falwell to the Supreme Court while raping the corpse of his grandmother on national television, and he would still be made out as the hapless victim. Please, please, PLEASE sign this petition courtesy of Air America Radio, urging the President to make good on his promise to fire Karl Rove. He almost certainly won't do it, but the more people who sign it, the more he will see that he can't fool everyone. And in the mean time, listen to Air America to get the full story on this, because the Republican Party is counting on how confusing this situation is, and hoping that people will just not understand it and move on.

The final thing I'll be able to stomach discussing here is Exxon-Mobile. We all know Exxon-Mobile. You know, the company that is the primary reason that there is any question about the fact that global warming exists? The only major oil company still pushing for drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge? Well, there has been a boycott called against this company. Yeah, I know, this is nothing new. You've probably gotten a dozen emails trying to convince you to boycott one company or another. But here is what makes this one different, and the reason I am participating in it. This boycott has been called by a coalition that consists of all the members of The Sierra Club, GreenPeace, Defenders of Wildlife, MoveOn.org, and U.S. Pirg (among others).

The point is that the oil industry pretty much dominates Capital Hill, and if we want to get anything done to show these environmental hate companies that they can't continue raping the earth, the effort is going to have to go straight to the people. It's not hard to take part in this. Just don't buy gas from Mobile stations (and I'm sure others…if anyone else knows for certain which gas companies are owned by Exxon-Mobile, please post it here). For more information, visit www.exxposeexxon.com.
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Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 06:57 pm Attention Evangelicals, Creationists, and ID Fanatics:
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Your religion is not science. We don't teach geography in science classes, why should we teach creationism?

It's a shame children will never have a chance to learn about creationism if they don't hear it in school. If only some school associated with the church would teach it on Sundays...a "Sunday School", if you will. What a concept!

Please do us all a favor and return to elementary school long enough to learn the difference between a scientific theory and a religious one prior to presenting your ideas as such.

Frustratedly Yours,
Erick Adam
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Jul. 1st, 2005 @ 11:17 am OH SHIT!
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If you have, or know someone who has a uterus, you NEED to read this!

Lisa, that especially includes you!
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May. 31st, 2005 @ 11:56 am McCarthyism at its Finest
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Apparently Amnesty International now "hates America"

When will people understand that it is "absurd" to call the practice of torturing and detaining people illegally without trial a human rights violation?

And dammit, it is not a "Soviet-era gulag"...it's an American gulag, and don't you forget it!
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May. 25th, 2005 @ 04:05 pm Is it just me...
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..or do these Christian groups not sound very...well, Christian?

These people sound like the ones who did the crucifying, not the crucified himself.
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Apr. 26th, 2005 @ 09:39 am Mulish Stupidity
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Privacy Concerns? What Privacy Concerns?
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